Gdańsk, 16.08.2011 


Dear Sirs,


I set up the Office in 2005 and I specialize in the criminal cases, real estate law and divorce matters (including divide of property). I also provide continuous legal services for three large enterprises in the scope of the economic law.


    I treat every case individually and adjust the strategy agreed with the Client to the legal and actual conditions, in accordance with the adopted assumptions.

    Thanks to specialization in the strictly determined law fields and the experience, I am able to provide my Clients with a reliable legal assistance, even in very complicated matters.


     As far as possible I aim at achieving the assumed targets also via concluding of court and off-court settlements in order to save my Clients the expenses related with the proceedings the result of which is uncertain, possibly in order to eliminate so called proceedings risk (arising from the discretion), in the criminal cases.


 I provide legal services in English, German and Russian.


     At the site I publish the most interesting information from the field of law, not only for the lawyers.


    If you are interested in legal advice or ordering of a case, please contact me at the number 502 031 149 to arrange a meeting.


I kindly invite you to start cooperation.
Attorney Antoni Koprowski