Criminal and Penal-Fiscal Law

The above specialization comprises:

  • defending of the accused and sentenced persons in the course of a criminal proceedings and penal-fiscal and executive proceedings before the courts, not only in Gdańsk, but also on the territory of the whole Country;
  • representing of the aggrieved party or the auxiliary prosecutor and defending of their rights;
  • advisory in the scope of the criminal law (criminal law attorney).

Method of operation after accepting of the case
    My basic task is to guarantee my Clients the right to an efficient defence compliant with the Standards of the European Court of Human Rights, the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Criminal Proceedings Code.
   The first activity I undertake after accepting of a case is to prepare copies of the whole files of the proceedings. After making of the photocopy of the files and analysis of the files, I prepare a strategy of defence together with the Client. The strategy may be focused on obtaining of an acquitting verdict or obtaining as lenient as possible sentence, not excluding of a conditional discontinuance of the proceedings or discontinuance of the proceedings.
    The decision concerning the selected strategy of proceeding is taken together with the Client, and then consequently executed. It is also possible to order by the Client of an analysis of the proceedings files in order to assess the chances of the case winning, prior to accepting conducting thereof.
    I conduct the preparatory and court proceedings not only on the area of Gdańsk, but also on the territory of the whole country.
    I also prepare legal analyses the conclusions which allow avoiding infringement of the law by the persons running business activity and the members of the capital companies’ bodies.
    In the penal-fiscal issues, the case is conducted simultaneously with a tax advisor. Most frequently, the penal-fiscal cases are two-truck ones, which means that the tax proceedings as well as criminal proceedings are carried out at the same time. The specificity of the penal-fiscal law causes that a close cooperation between the attorney conducting the defence in the criminal case and the tax advisor representing the tax payer in the tax proceedings is justified and fruitful.
    The cases from the scope of the criminal law are always quoted individually, depending on the character and the degree of their complexity. I kindly invite you for a meeting at the Office in order to assess the degree of the case complexity and determine of the fee for its conducting.
    A significant factor while determining of the remuneration is the necessity of its conducing on the territory of Gdańsk and nearby or in the other parts of Poland. The basis for the services provision is a written agreement that I conclude with every Client.
I invite you to cooperation.
Attorney Antoni Koprowski