Special Field


The Office was set up in 2005 in Gdańsk and at the beginning was providing advisory services in the scope of real estate law. Subsequently, the specialization was broadened by the criminal unit, and then divorce cases (family law).
The Office provides legal advice and carries out proceedings in the cases concerning real estate, proceedings in the criminal and divorce cases and supervises transactions.

A detailed description of the specialization has been presented in the sections in the column at the right side of this text (that is Criminal Law and Penal-fiscal Law, Real Estate, Divorces).

So far the Office conducted approx. 2000 court lawsuits and extrajudicial negotiations and other legal procedures.

The Office participates in the lawsuits both as the leading entity, as well as the consulting one in order to supervise the course of the court proceeding only.

The Office undertakes difficult cases and non-typical ones, such as:

  • The case of a petition of the Regional Public Prosecution Service concerning real estate donation for the Foundation of Barbara Piasecka Johnson, ended with a withdrawal of the petition by the Public Prosecution Service (
  • The matter of obtaining of the notarial deeds of real estate purchase for 30 aggrieved parties from the company Lammex, Reda, ended with obtaining of the notarial deeds (
  • the case of a murder of so called children from Puck, ended with a lenient sentence (
  • attempting of a murder in Gdynia, ended with a favourable sentence for punishable threats in place of attempting of a murder (
  • a case of a murder with special cruelty by arson of the aggrieved party, in Bydgoszcz (
  • a case of a murder in Sopot of the citizen of Sweden (
  • a case of driving under influence of drugs on Monte Cassino (street), ended with a lenient sentence (
  • a case of minor abuse in a shop in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, ended with a lenient sentence (
  • a case of attempting abortion by a doctor and causing of serious injuries (
  • an attack of pseudo-supporters of Arka Gdynia on the school, where a football tournament was taking place, ended with a lenient sentence (
  • a case of a minor abuse by two citizens of Algeria in Gdynia (
  • a case of so called flats mafia (
  • a case of swindles by the policeman method (
  • a case of Amber Gold (
  • a case of beating by the police officers, ended with a lenient sentence (
  • a case of kidnaping for ransom of a citizen of Sweden (
  • a case of death at the dialysis station (
  • a case of persons copying cash machines cards, ended with absolution (
  • a case of human trafficking conducted by a citizen of Germany, ended with a lenient sentence (
  • a case concerning the possibility of real estate prescription, used on the basis of perpetual usufruct, ended with a positive verdict of the Supreme Court (


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Attorney Antoni Koprowski

  1. Sprawy cywilne, spadkowe, administracyjno - podatkowe, rozwodowe i karne.

a. występowanie przed Sądem,

b. pisanie pism procesowych,

c. sporządzanie apelacji i kasacji, Kancelaria wszystkie w/w. czynności wykonuje na terenie całego kraju.

d. sporządzanie skarg do Trybunału Praw Człowieka,

e. występowanie przed tym Trybunałem.