In the section I present articles the authors of which are the members of the Office Team, that were published so far in various magazines, such as: CH Beck Nieruchomości, Przegląd Europejski, Nasze Pomorze, Biznes Trójmiejski, Gazeta Dzielnicowa, Kuryer Sopocki and other.
Due to the continuously changing legal regulations, the basis for making of decisions of legal character should always be a legal advice, based on the current status of the regulations and judicial decisions, whereas the articles are of only demonstrative character, due to the possibility of their superannuation.
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Attorney Antoni Koprowski


About a real estate and romanticism of the XIX century gentlemen.
Once the Office legally supervised a transaction of a purchase of the XIX century manor house (palace) located in the Northern Poland. The manor house was built in the end of the XIX century, in the eclectic style, with majority of neo-Gothic.
It would be a perfect choice for a shooting site of screen adaptation of “Usher’s home extermination”.
The comparison is highly recommended, because the house stands alone in the midst of the park in the English style, and the outhouses are located in a significant distance off the manor house (far enough not to see them from the windows thereof).
For the Reader who visited even a few of the gentry manors on the territory of Poland it would appear peculiar, that the farm buildings are situated in such a significant distance from the manor. Indeed, as the only in the Northern Poland, the manor was designed in this non-typical manner. The key to understand of the unique urbanism is only one word: LOVE.
The first owner of the real estate fell in love with some rich burgher from Hamburg.
However, his bride to be was not willing to move to the “village”. Therefore, the bachelor in love promised that if she married him, then while living in the estate she would feel as if she were living in the city, in her family villa.
In order to fulfil the above promise, a copy was built (in a larger scale) of the Hamburg house of the fiancée and it was surrounded by a park, so as the “village matters” would have not got through to the eyes of the hostess.
If any of the Readers would like to visit this manor, to make it easier I can tell you that it is located near Lębork, on the route Gdańsk-Berlin.
Attorney Antoni Koprowski
Attorney’s Office in Gdańsk