Divorce Law

    In the framework of the specialization I deal with conducting of divorce cases (Attorney Divorces), many a time combined with a divide of the gained property of spouses. The services comprise both conducting of the proceedings, as well as participation in the divorce negotiations, comprising a range of problems such as alimonies, care over children and often criminal cases.
    In the case of combining of the divorce case with a divide of the property, the fee is agreed individually. The cases from the scope of the family law are always quoted individually, depending on the character and the degree of complexity. I kindly invite for a meeting at the Office to assess the level of complexity of the case and determine the fee for its conducting.
    A significant factor while determining of the remuneration is the necessity of its conducing on the territory of Gdańsk and nearby or in the other parts of Poland. The basis for the services provision is a written agreement that I conclude with every Client.
I invite you to cooperation.
Attorney Antoni Koprowski